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Required Internship

Undergraduate Program

Required Internship Goal is enacted for students to gain perspectives and competence in pragmatic and international matters, obtain early experiences in workplaces and international culture, enhance their adaptability and competitiveness in the workplace, and develop the potential to become entrepreneurs. 

Our Internship fields include biotechnology, Material Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Specialty Chemicals, Electrochemistry, and so forth. During the internship, teachers will provide off-campus internship counseling to know students' internship status and problems. After the internship, students shall complete their off-campus internship reports on schedule. 
Required Internship usually takes place in the summer before the senior year. The Semester Practical Training (elective) completed before the senior year shall be taken for waiver of Required Internship course in summer, but students shall satisfactorily complete the minimum number of credits required for graduation specified by the respective Departments.


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